The Leading Supplier of Market Intelligence on Canadian Visitors to the United States

Tracking Canadian travel to all 50 states, U.S. cities, and travel regions.


  • The largest survey of Canadian travel to U.S. states and cities profiling over 14,000 trips to the U.S. annually.

  • Tracking Canadian travel to all 50 states, and cities, and travel regions.

  • Based on Statistics Canada and NTTO surveys for compatibility and continuity.

  • Annual, Quarterly, and Seasonal reporting.

  • 2019 Baseline Data: Get your state's full Canadian Visitor Profile

  • 2021-2020 XBorder Canada Subscription

    • Visitor Profile. Visits, spending breakdown, nights, and visitor characteristics for all 50 states and select cities.

    • Future Intentions Survey – Understanding visitor intentions regarding the rebound of Canadian drive and air travel to the U.S. in 2020 and 2021.

    • Canada Visitor Estimator Model – A destination data-driven forecast model for visits updated monthly to provide U.S. destinations the data needed to communicate to partners and policy makers.

    • Canada Economic Impact Report – Conducting in partnership with Dean Runyan Associates.

    • Visitor Market Optimization (VMO) – targeting the Canadian visitor for your destination that is interested in visiting longer and spending more.

    • Custom questions.

    • Custom Analysis and Reports.

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Scott and Lynn Johnson - founded TMII as the premiere source for market intelligence on travel to the United States. TMII provides partners the ability to establish international visitor market strategies based on comprehensive U.S. visitor metrics, passenger metrics, and industry insight.


Donna and Mike Larsen - founded DataPath Systems in 1998 and maintains an office in the Yukon, Canada and in Winter Park Florida. They specialize in Canadian traveller studies. Please visit www.DataPathSystems.us for information on our data management and privacy policies.


The Economic Impact and Value of the International Visitor to the U.S. are available by country.

Partnering with Dean Runyon and Associates.