The Leading Supplier of Market Intelligence on Canadian Visitors to the United States

Comprehensive Canadian travel research to all 50 states, select U.S. cities, and travel regions.




  • The largest survey of Canadian travel to U.S. states and cities profiling over 14,000 trips to the U.S. annually.

  • Tracking Canadian travel to all 50 states, and cities, and travel regions.

  • Based on Statistics Canada and NTTO surveys for compatibility and continuity.

  • Annual, Quarterly, and Seasonal reporting.



  • 2019 Baseline Data: Get your state's full Canadian Visitor Profile

  • 2021-2020 XBorder Canada Subscription

    • Visitor Profile. Visits, spending breakdown, nights, and visitor characteristics for all 50 states and select cities.

    • Future Intentions Survey – Understanding visitor intentions regarding the rebound of Canadian drive and air travel to the U.S. in 2020 and 2021.

    • Canada Visitor Estimator Model – A destination data-driven forecast model for visits updated monthly to provide U.S. destinations the data needed to communicate to partners and policy makers.

    • Canada Economic Impact Report – Conducting in partnership with Dean Runyan Associates.

    • Visitor Market Optimization (VMO) – targeting the Canadian visitor for your destination that is interested in visiting longer and spending more.

    • Custom questions.

    • Custom Analysis and Reports.



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